21/12/09 Ross Capital Group and Community Members invested in Canada

In the course of the capital increase on December 9, 2021, the investor community around rosscapitalgroup was able to secure a total of 1% of the company shares. With a market capitalization of the company of around EUR 150 million, this corresponds to a total investment of around EUR 1.5 million. This year is expected to see tremendous growth for the Canadian company specializing in exploring for gold and silver in the Golden Horseshoe.



The community around Ross Capital Group invests in another growth stock. Lithium is a precious raw material, which is of great importance for the production of electric cars and is a scarce commodity. We therefore see massive growth here in the coming years, especially in this value, since many car manufacturers want to secure entry into this company at an early stage.

With a focus on Nevada and Peru, the company has the advantage of both geographic and geological diversity in developing world-class, scalable projects.

In south-central Nevada, the company owns the TLC claystone lithium deposit, which is in close proximity to the Tesla giga-factory in Nevada. In south-eastern Peru, American Lithium is developing the advanced-stage Falchani hard rock lithium deposit, as well as one of the world’s largest undeveloped uranium deposits, known as Macusani. 

Ensuring a safe, secure supply of strategic battery/energy metals is of growing importance to the US and other Western nations. Hence, the Biden Administration has legislated “critical minerals” initiatives to presage the development of sustainable domestic lithium supplies. Similarly, long-term supplies from politically “friendly” nations like Peru are also being targeted by the US. American Lithium is ideally positioned in both regards. 

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